Helen & Gertrude Partners with Rochester Artist Collaborative

Collage of RAC studio space with a quote from H&G CEO, Becca Post

Underrepresented and low-income Artists are at a disadvantage in the Rochester community. Without access to the right tools and space, their work may go unseen or even fail to continue. Through the support of partnerships and donations, Rochester Artist Collaborative provides a ‘Creators Lab Studio,’ equipment, educational work, and business mentorship for Artists to establish self-sustaining careers and create art that inspires the community and beyond.

Helen & Gertrude provided a $3,000 scholarship that will be awarded to Allison McDonald, a Rochester-based woman Artist of Color with an expertise in portraiture photography. This scholarship will allow Allison to have free access to the Rochester Artist Collaborative Creators Lab Studio, its equipment, its educational workshops, and business mentorship for one full year. All parties are excited to see the work that is a result of this collaboration. 

Collage of Allison MacDonald and her work

To learn more about partnering with Rochester Artist Collaborative, visit: https://www.rochesterartistcollaborative.com/donate or contact 

Adam Eaton