Non-profit doesn’t mean there is no profit.

At our core, we're a team of compassionate marketers who find real rewards in creating positive change. When partnering with purpose-driven brands, we focus on understanding your mission and community to set measurable goals. Our services, from branding workshops to donor retention campaigns, all ladder up to real impact—amplifying your voice, growing your community of advocates, and expanding your ability to serve.

Community Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility

Our passion for making work that matters expands beyond our office walls through partnerships with charities and non-profits. From sponsoring local artists to teaming up with community organizations, we aim to cultivate a more empathetic, human-centered experience for all. We bring these ideals to life through anti-racism training, making accessibility improvements, mentoring high school students, and lightening our impact on the planet. We also match donations our employees make to charitable causes and community organizations. We’re committed to continually improving. Every day we get closer to being an unstoppable force for good in our community.

Discovering What Motivates Your Audiences

Non-profits must connect with a wide range of audiences. We take an empathy-driven approach to discover what truly motivates each group. Using surveys, interviews, and collaborative workshops with clients, staff, volunteers, and board members, we uncover stakeholders’ needs and perspectives. While diving into data, we never lose sight of the humans behind the numbers. This research enables us to create unified messaging that resonates across stakeholder groups, turning awareness into action. Our award-winning social impact campaigns encourage engagement by tapping into emotions and building compassion for your mission.

Text conversation between controlling partner with “This is dating violence” over top

Engaging Donors through Digital Video

The choice to donate is heavily backed by emotion. While studies show that 96% of viewers better understand a brand after watching a video, we prioritize even deeper connections that evoke emotion. Effective video marketing strengthens advocacy through successful storytelling that conveys a bigger purpose. We help organizations like The Blue Bears Special Meals showcase the how and why behind their purpose to further their reach and drive contributions.

Community Outreach for Your Brand

Community relationships require ongoing nurturing from the beginning of the outreach. That's why we start with in-depth research and tap community experts to support cultural competence. Using these insights, our team crafts a strategic outreach campaign designed to meet your target audience where they’re at— on their preferred platforms, using placements and a tone that will resonate best. We can even help you stay engaged with these individuals through email marketing or community management on social media. Whether shaping public health programs, guiding development projects, involving residents in government decisions, or mobilizing advocacy groups, our goal is building trust to drive long-term participation and community investment.

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