What we offer

OUR Bread & Butter

One part creative. One part analytics. We use our head and our heart to make your digital marketing have statistical and emotional significance. By connecting the right brain and left brain, you'll connect better with your audience.

TL;DR we make work that works.

Brand Development

Using industry-leading social listening and benchmarking tools, we uncover the motivators of your audience and provide in-depth analysis that'll help drive your overall strategy and brand direction.

We’ll set you up with the knowledge needed to be successful, regardless if you’re starting with the basics or you’d like to enhance your current strategy.

• Brand Goals
• Competitor Landscape
• Consumer Personas
• Brand Look & Tone
• Content Categories
• Audience Targeting
• Benchmarking & KPIs

Content Services

Our process relies on a deep understanding and analysis of our customer’s brand image, tone, and marketing objectives, thus allowing us to create and curate content for specific audiences and/or contexts in almost any type of digital medium you can think of.

• Content Plan Development
• On-the-Ground Event Support
• Original Photography
• Illustration and Image Manipulation
• Video and Motion Graphics
• Copywriting
• Website Design
• Influencer Management & Strategy
• Support for All Major Social Networks’ Post/Ad Types
• Media Strategy Alignment

Media Planning & Buying

Digital advertising best practices and capabilities are changing daily. And that means more pressure is being put on your brand.

We develop strategic plans detailing campaign set up and targeting recommendations, as well as suggested optimizations to deliver against KPIs. Only the latest technology is used to achieve this in the most efficient and effective manner.

• Integrated Digital Media Strategy
• Digital Media Buying
• Campaign Strategy and Management
• On-Demand Coverage
• Creative Strategy Alignment

Insights & Research

Analytics is more than just pulling data. It’s about identifying key insights that inform paid, organic, and overall brand strategy. It’s about capitalizing on opportunities for testing and building measurement plans that actually show how marketing efforts are impacting your business. All in a digestible format for all stakeholders, from the most hands-on brand managers to time-crunched CMOs. The results?

• Your media dollars work harder
• Attribute performance back to specific channels and campaigns
• Validate your audience’s motivators
• Measure messaging effectiveness
• Guide the direction of future content
• Gain valuable audience and competitive sentiment benchmarks

Community Management

Consumers reach out on social media more than any other method to air concerns, ask questions, and seek answers.

Not only do we provide an always-on feel for consumers, but we’re able to uncover strategic insights. We then apply those to the content planning process to develop even more effective content.

• Every comment is addressed within 24 hours
• Strategic messenger bots
• Pre-approved canned response "library" for easy replies to common comments
• Proactive commenting to engage conversation
• Keyword analysis