Skincare + Beauty

‍Setting The Benchmark

Whether you’re new to market or you’ve been around for a while, how do you keep up and set yourself apart in the constantly evolving skincare and beauty industry? Beauty industry insights show us how rapidly consumer behaviors and preferences are changing. Let us help you connect with your diverse consumer and radiate the importance of being seen and heard in this space, ensuring that your brand resonates with all individuals.

Authenticity That Delivers ROI

Nielsen Studies have proven digital media results in superior ROI when reaching Gen Z and Millennial consumers. Today’s consumer is looking for authenticity, and we are committed to ensuring that your brand reflects this value. Whether through the use of realistic models that represent a wide range of identities​ or by highlighting clean ingredients, let’s make sure the right consumers are seeing creative that stands out in the feed. KPI-crushing, thumb-stopping content that fosters an environment of inclusivity is our benchmark for every post, whether CPG or e-commerce.


Whether simplifying or establishing a routine, the skincare industry presents a wealth of opportunities. We’ll find the sweet spot for your brand with the right mix of brand messaging, paid partnerships, and organic product advocates, which can then be complemented with paid media to communicate your key benefits across your most valued audiences. ​​Inclusivity and equity are core considerations in our strategies, ensuring that your brand connects with individuals from all backgrounds.

Curél logo with “Extra-strength for instant relief” “smooth as silk” “keeps skin hydrated” claims around small dish of product
Curél Moisture Facial Milk bottle splashing into milky texture
Curél Ultra Healing bottle over glass surface with “24-hour hydration relief you can trust”


The beauty industry is an $18B industry, so how do you get your piece of the pie? With beautiful and smart content. Beyond content development, there are key tactics such as community management that can help gain insights into product development, customer feedback, and the latest trends, while ensuring that all voices are heard and represented. Influencers are an excellent addition to fuel positive consumer sentiment. Whether micro or macro, we'll find the right combination for your product and your dollars. Pro tip: Sentiment can be just as high for a single macro influencer as a combo of micro-influencers.

2 Bioré Blemish Patch boxes with “Bam!” “Wow!” “Pow!” over light teal and yellow textured background Up-close model with short green hair placing Bioré Blemish Patch on cheek over light teal and yellow textured background “Clear, matte patch” “Non-irritating” “Hydrocolloid sucks out pus and oil for visible results” with hand holding Bioré Blemish Patch with teal nails with polkadots

Personal Care

Personal care marketing is inherently personal. These products are often associated with self-care, beauty, and well-being. So it's important that your brand's visuals foster an emotional connection to build trust and loyalty with your audience, and it's crucial that your brand's visuals reflect and embrace the richness of different identities and experiences. Once we've built a strong visual strategy, our team can help create a cohesive presence across all your marketing touchpoints, be it your brand website, ad campaigns, or social media channels. By combining our customer-centered approach with thoughtful marketing strategies, we enable your personal care brand to make a lasting impression and become a part of consumers' everyday routines.

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