Healthcare + Wellness

‍Digital Healthcare Campaigns

Today, it’s increasingly common to find new sales leads online. It dramatically cuts down on travel costs, is physically safer, and gives access to a more diverse group of potential customers. And the biggest benefit: You can more accurately measure your return on ad spend (ROAS). Whether through LinkedIn, Doximity, or another popular platform, utilize the ability to meet medical professionals where they spend their time online and understand the content that will grab their attention.

Marketing Health Equity

Healthcare disparities exist across a wide range of dimensions and prevent individuals from receiving the high-quality, competent services and treatment they deserve. Inclusive healthcare marketing is all about raising awareness of the biases that exist within the industry and breaking down the barriers that prevent health equity. Backed by qualitative and quantitative methods, campaigns are supported by real stories and data that provide results with significance.

Women's Health & Wellness

From breasts and sexual intimacy to STDs and teen dating violence, talking about women’s health is becoming a more comfortable subject. As certified women-owned business, we’re all about communicating your message in a personal way that invites women into the conversation and empowers them to take action. For example, a campaign of ours during Breast Cancer Awareness Month resulted in a 79% increase in conversion rate year-over-year, thanks to relevant targeting and messaging that drove our female audience participation.

Women hand-in-hand in underwear with “a better option for women of all breast sizes, shapes, and densities”
3 Black women with “DYK: Breast cancer death rate is 40% higher in Black women than white women?”

Launching Brand Updates To Drive Company Growth

A refresh magnifies your brand's longevity and relevance with current and potential consumers by aligning brand identity, purpose, and messaging directly with user needs. Launching a thoughtfully-targeted campaign with an updated digital media strategy and creative will support your updated look and feel, leading to an increase in awareness, leads, and loyalty. Our client’s brand launch saw an uptick in product demand that attributed to the company growing 300% within the first 90 days of the activation.

Prioritizing Personal Wellness 

Successful campaigns are measured through tangible results, and personal health is no different. Well-being is about the long haul. We know how to use data to augment your brand’s message and reach the intended end user, maximizing the ROI of your campaign. We test and build measurement plans that actually show how marketing efforts are impacting your overall business health.

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