The Power to Influence

Creating change is no easy feat, especially when it requires a cultural shift. Like ending the stigma against HPV. Or getting insurance companies to cover 3D mammograms. Even influencing your target market to make a more personal change in their lives. That’s why we call all parties to the table, and via a push and pull approach, use marketing to make change.

B2B to B2C

We know the power to influence isn't just over providers, technicians and radiologists, technical directors, industry leaders, and other stakeholders. Sometimes it's most strategic to start the conversation with the direct consumer. So we learn what makes them tick and grab their attention on the mediums they’re using most. Now that’s what delivers real business results.

Women's Health

From boobs and sexual intimacy, to STDs and teen dating violence, talking about women’s health is becoming a more comfortable subject. We’re all about communicating your message in a personal way that invites women into the conversation and empowers them to take action.

For example, a campaign of ours during Breast Cancer Awareness Month resulted in a 79% increase in conversion rate year-over-year, thanks to relevant messaging that drove our female audience participation.

Medical Technology

Product launches. Driving awareness and leads. We know how to use data to augment your message and find key professionals in the right networks in order to maximize the ROI of your campaign. We also know how to analyze the results, so your sales team can develop their own informed proposals that'll help close the deal. And when it comes to trade shows, let’s get every ounce of coverage out of it, build hype, and extend your reach beyond that physical date and location.

Medical Aesthetics

Medical Aesthetics are about so much more than “looking good”. We go beyond the superficial elements to tap into your target market’s emotional, personable, and relatable motivators. Be real with your brand’s benefits and you’ll build a connection with consumers.