Health & Wellness

Digital Healthcare Campaigns

Today, it’s increasingly common to find new sales leads online. It dramatically cuts down on travel costs, is physically safer, and gives access to a more diverse group of potential customers. And the biggest benefit: You can more accurately measure your return on ad spend (ROAS). Whether through LinkedIn, Doximity, or another popular platform, utilize the ability to meet medical professionals where they are spending their time online and understand the content that will grab their attention.

Marketing Medical Technology

Product launches. Driving awareness and leads. We know how to use data to augment your message and find key professionals in the right networks in order to maximize the ROI of your campaign. We also know how to analyze the results, so your sales team can develop their own informed proposals that'll help close the deal. And when it comes to trade shows, let’s get every ounce of coverage out of it, build hype, and extend your reach beyond that physical date and location.

Women's Health & Wellness

From breasts and sexual intimacy, to STDs and teen dating violence, talking about women’s health is becoming a more comfortable subject. We’re all about communicating your message in a personal way that invites women into the conversation and empowers them to take action.

For example, a campaign of ours during Breast Cancer Awareness Month resulted in a 79% increase in conversion rate year-over-year, thanks to relevant messaging that drove our female audience participation.

3 Black women with “DYK: Breast cancer death rate is 40% higher in Black women than white women?”
Women hand-in-hand in underwear with “a better option for women of all breast sizes, shapes, and densities” Circular design reading “Say ‘Ta-Ta’ to painful breast exams”

Emerging Medical Brands and Products

Pushing a new medical product into the world can be accompanied with uncertainty, but it doesn’t have to be. Brand research and development is crucial to understand the areas your brand fits in, which allows for a clear strategy to be planned and executed. Measure your results against your specific KPIs and adjust your strategy as needed to be successful. 

2 RefleXion website images featuring people and cancer treating technology

Aligning Healthcare Messaging to Consumers

Earning consumers' trust and admiration also plays a role in market demand. Once there is enough market presence for your product, it's time to educate consumers about how you promote their well-being. Understanding what patients have in common will help you modify messaging and content to suit a prospective patient's needs and determine potential mediums and audience targeting for your outreach. Allow consumers to become advocates of their own health and seek your specific products to meet their needs.

Collection of female models happy and showing off the body-contouring technology of SculpSure