Why TikTok Should Be Included in Your Marketing Mix

"Why TikTok Should Be Included in Your Marketing Mix" next to cassette tape with Tiktok logo

TikTok is more than a platform full of dances, challenges, and entertaining videos. A recent Kantar study shows that it holds the highest global ranking of ad equity for two consecutive years. Advertisement equity measures the audience’s attitude and preferences towards ads across media channels.

The nature of the content on the app is what gives TikTok exponential power over other platforms. Ads fit seamlessly into the feed and provide users with benefits to keep them interested. Consumers claim to use the app for entertainment, inspiration/new ideas, and learning something new. These buckets align closely with consumers’ reactions to TikTok ads specifically, claiming they are unique, inspiring, and enjoyable. This feedback juxtaposes the typical sentiment around advertisements, giving brands a huge advantage in connecting with their target market and creating a relationship with an audience that wants to be reached. The environment on the platform is built on discovery and authenticity, providing brands the opportunity to create stand-out content that is memorable and relatable to  over 1 billion active users.   

"TikTok was the #1 globally downloaded app for 2020" with person smiling at their phone

TikTok was the #1 globally downloaded app of  2020, with a 203% YOY increase in audience size; and the momentum isn’t slowing down. While consumers are showing enthusiasm towards the app, marketers across the world are rejoicing. Engagement on TikTok for branded content is far beyond that of any other social platform, with an average of 9% (Instagram is at 1.22%). Users aren’t just aimlessly scrolling, they’re actually interacting with advertisements and reacting to them. Not to mention, in a large quantity—the average user spends over 24 hours on the app on a monthly basis. 

The average engagement rate for influencer content on TikTok is 11.83%, while Instagram’s average is .35%. Even micro-influencers typically have an engagement rate of 15.15% on the app. TikTok is introducing an automated system to act as a kind of matchmaker, bringing together advertisers and content creators. The updated version of their Creator Marketplace enables brands to find influencers in their niche who are open to working on business promotions. This will align branded content with already familiar faces and put brands on the forefront of user’s FYPs (For-You Page). Open Application Campaigns’ will enable brands to list their projects for interested creators to self-apply. Creators will then be able to apply to your pitch, with a shortlist then present it in-stream, displaying audience reach metrics along with sample clips. Other updates to the Creator Marketplace include more performance insights and better sorting tools. 

According to Tiktok, “TikTok Creator Marketplace provides discovery tools to match businesses with a diverse range of creators for every campaign, brand voice and budget. You can filter based on the type of content they post, where they're located, their average views, and more.”  This marketplace allows marketers to oversee various elements of the creative process and monitor real-time campaign performance. Through the Creative Center, brands will be able to explore a showcase of the top-performing ads, view details on the latest platform trends, and search through TikTok’s audio library to help inspire their creative process. 

A push for more eCommerce is in the works, with new in-stream shopping tools continuing to evolve—including new product links in video clips and new collection ads. TikTok is introducing a whole new ad option, Dynamic Showcase Ads, that can generate awareness and drive app downloads by promoting popular, relevant products to potential customers. They can also increase purchase intent through targeting based on product inventory and customer activity, such as viewing a product or adding to a cart. 

"TikTok had a 457% YOY revenue increase in 2020" with graph upwardly rising

There was a 457% YOY revenue increase in 2020, and advertising budgets for the app are expected to rise in the coming year. This is no shock, seeing the high performance of ads on the app and user sentiment. 61% of our users say videos on TikTok are more unique than on any other platform and 7 out of 10 say TikTok ads are enjoyable. TikTok’s also added Reach and Frequency ad buying - to maximize brand awareness and reach, giving marketers an even bigger push to spend on the app. 

Videos on the platform require personalization and insight on current trends & styles native to the app. Marketers must stay informed on all moving pieces and updates to stay proactive and ahead of the curve. Helen & Gertrude offers full TikTok capabilities—from insights & research, to content production, media planning & buying, and performance tracking. Now is the time to take TikTok from consideration to execution in your marketing mix.

Hannah Nelson
Marketing Manager

Hannah leads the charge on all internal marketing efforts at H&G; managing projects to assure they run efficiently and are pushed out the door (like this blog, for one). Outside of work, she spends her time hangin’ with her golden retriever, Sully, and planning her next travel adventure.

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