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Healthy Living is a family-owned independent grocery store that was a pioneer in the natural foods space before it was recognized as a category. 

Helen + Gertrude evolved their brand positioning to appeal to modern premium buyers who prioritize their personal wellness along with the health of the local community and environment. Supported by consumer research, industry analysis, and a dynamic strategy, we pushed their brand values of premium quality and overall benefit to the planet to drive sales and brand loyalty.


Consumers are faced with numerous options when it comes to grocery shopping. While cost is often a major determinant, we know there is value beyond price alone to motivate consumers' choices in a saturated market.

The Goal

  • Engage with premium buyers who prioritize natural foods.
  • Update the Healthy Living brand identity to appeal to the modern consumer.
  • Grow in-store purchases with a full-funnel marketing mix.
Founder Katy Lesser with her children Eli and Nina.
A dish of sautéed vegetables being plated with a silver spoon
"careers" page from Healthy Living website mocked up on phone and laptop on top of amber-colored leaf background

The Strategy

Strengthen Healthy Living’s position as the “home-away-from-home” grocery store by educating consumers on its high product standards and the impact they have on the community. We leveraged a potent combination of sales data, customer loyalty account insights, and custom MM modeling with Clerdata to drive in-store sales and captivate our audience of premium buyers who prioritize natural products by crafting a full-funnel marketing strategy across the digital space and stores.
Healthy Living grocery store frozen aisle3 Healthy Living employees outside of storefrontMutli-colored peppers on grocery shelf

The Results

For the first half of 2023, YoY pages per session on the Healthy Living website increased 57%, while average time spent per session on the site increased 62%. This showcases that the target audience was interested and engaged with the content, and our media dollars were put to good use.

Additionally, advertising efforts supporting Thanksgiving online to-go orders led to a 41% increase YoY in overall web transactions during the period of the promotion. Similar promotions surrounding the December holidays drove a 154% increase YoY in online transactions!

Paid advertising efforts to drive loyalty program memberships were also successful, with customers signing up at a CPA 59% more cost-efficient than set benchmarks.

"I can't believe the progression we have made in marketing across all levels... overall branding, social, video, new platforms, etc.. we are making real progress! Thanks to the team and everyone involved."

-  Eli Lesser-Goldsmith,  CEO, Healthy Living
Sue, a Healthy Living employee, smiling holding fresh flowers"HL Fresh: Buttery Croissant $3.49" sign in front of pile of fresh croissants


From 8/3/22 to 12/31/22, digital marketing efforts drove:


Total Website Sessions


Video Views


Combined School Page Visits on The Future is Optics Site


MCC Page Visits


SCCC Page Visits


FRCC Page Visits

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