Shorty Impact Awards Winner

Case Study

Raising Awareness of the Disparities Black Women Face for Mammography Screening

While the incidence of breast cancer is about the same for Black and white women,1 the breast cancer death rate is 40% higher in Black women versus White women.2 This jarring fact is what pushed our Power of Sure campaign with Hologic Genius 3D Mammography. To focus our attention on supporting solutions that address the systemic racism and unconscious bias that prevent Black women in the U.S. from receiving the high-quality and culturally competent health care they deserve.

Our Objective

We aimed to highlight breast cancer risks and statistics specific to Black women and encourage an increase in the number of mammograms in areas of low compliance by empowering women with the information they need to take action, such as a facility finder that sends them their closest 3D locations.

The campaign had
6.4 million total impressions
across all campaign platforms within 2 months.

We Got There By

Developing and Testing Mindful Creative That Resonates

Power of Sure social ads were originally tested prior to the National launch in a small-scale campaign in order to collect learnings to use for larger-scale optimizations. After adjusting our plan, we were able to decrease our cost per email submission by more than 50%. Both copy and visuals were thoughtfully created from consumer survey results and creative pre-testing to reach the demographic. Tone and delivery were warm and confident and included first-person storytelling grounded in facts, avoiding scare tactics; as found most impactful to our target audience.

Reaching Black Women to Seek Accessible Mammograms Via Thoughtful Targeting

We used a geographic-based campaign to maximize reach in areas with historically low compliance per census data and high machine capacity per proprietary data. FB/IG were used as the primary tactic, amplified by programmatic display and video with behavioral and contextual targeting. Utilizing larger, broader audience targeting allowed for easy scaling, accounting for 39% of spend and 52% of all impressions delivered. The campaign also included hyper-targeted, niche audiences such as website retargeting, which were extremely engaged, with CTRs 2.3x higher than any other target.

The Groundbreaking Results and Overall Impact

Creative saw extremely high engagements, with Programmatic Video resulting in a 69% View Through Rate, significantly higher than the 15% benchmark.Almost 20k website sessions were driven to the website through FB/IG and programmatic ads throughout September and October. Of the website sessions generated from Facebook/Instagram ads, around 1 in 5 sessions lead to a facility finder submission.

Above the Norm Power Lift Results:

+22.9 Pts
Standard Ad Recall

+8.0 Pts
Brand Awareness

Lift Probability

From the study, the standard ad recall was + 22.9 Pts, whereas the vertical norm is only +5.9 Pts and Regional Norm: +8.1 Pts. (288% above the vertical norm)

The standard brand awareness was +8.0 Pts, significantly higher than the vertical norm of +2.1 Pts and regional norm of +4.3 Pts  (280% above the vertical norm)

The Facebook Conversion Lift study also confirmed the effectiveness of the campaign with a 99.9% Lift Probability with this campaign. (According to Facebook, typical results are closer to 20%.).

  1. CDC, Breast Cancer Rates Among Black Women and White Women
  2. American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2019-2020