Download Our Guide To Gen-Z's Top Beauty Industry Needs


The purchasing power of Generation Z (1997- 2012) is only rising. Is your brand up to date with the requirements to proactively reach this market? As the changes in the world have affected consumer expectations and purchasing behaviors, it's more important than ever for brands to stand out and connect with their audiences.

By paying attention to these shifts in consumer culture and adapting to their preferences, beauty and skincare brands can stay ahead of the curve and cultivate a loyal fanbase. And that’s why we created this infographic. To explain the changes that influence how your audience buys products and to provide insight into ways marketers can keep up with them.

In this infographic you will find:

  • Cultural insights to reach your Gen-Z audience backed by market research.  
  • Consolidated up-to-date consumer changes and preferences.
  • Easily-digestible graphs and statistics unique to the beauty industry.

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