How to Successfully Use Emojis in B2B Marketing


Let’s start with one basic assumption: Business professionals are human. And people, regardless of their career or industry, appreciate a laugh every now and then. 

A laugh breaks up the monotony because, quite frankly, business people get served a lot of very professional AND very boring ads. Emojis can help create stronger connections with your audience through humor and playfulness. But they’re so much more than that. They’re a secret handshake disclosing that, unlike all those other stuffy businesses out there, yours actually has some personality. 

While B2B companies should certainly do their homework before sliding a 😘in their next social post, it’s ⏰to consider weaving in some choice emojis. According to a Quintly study, emojis resulted in 47.7% more interactions on Instagram, suggesting they don’t just earn laughs. They can make messaging more informative and add dimension to your brand’s tone. At Helen & Gertrude, we’ve seen positive engagement with the addition of emojis, even on LinkedIn. It just goes to show that entertaining, attention-grabbing marketing tactics still work, even in the social media space. 

So what should you keep in mind if you’re looking to add personality and potentially boost the engagement of a new B2B campaign? Here are five expert-approved tips for successfully using emojis.

1.Highlight Key Information. We are very visual creatures—it's how we take in 90% of our information—so guide your audience to the most important details with a symbol. Is there something you don’t want them to miss, like a special promotion or a unique feature? Use 🚨or ✅to create emphasis and make your message easier to digest. 

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2. Don’t Use Emojis in the Place of Words. With B2B messaging, clear communication is key 🗝. Avoid appearing unprofessional or being misunderstood by complementing your words with a corresponding emoji. If you’re not sure it’s landing, ask a co-worker if they can easily understand your message.
Chosen correctly, they can strengthen what you’re trying to say and make it more engaging. Try emojis like ⚡to convey your service’s speed, 🏆to share accomplishments, and ♻️ or 🌎 to highlight sustainability efforts.

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3. Consider Your Tone. Most industries can handle a peppering of humor, but some, especially those connected to life or death, should be treated carefully. When appropriate, take a sentimental approach utilizing symbols like 🙏, 🎗, or 💕 to show shared compassion for their mission.

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4. Keep Diversity in Mind. Emojis now reflect different skin colors, genders, ethnicities, and even hair types. Before defaulting to the standard yellow thumbs-up 👍, research your audience. Or better yet, use social listening tools to see how your consumers communicate online. Emojis like 🙌🏽 and 🙋🏾♀️ might be a better fit for your target demographic and they’ll likely appreciate the extra thought.

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5. Get Standout Results with Eyecatching Emojis. While right-hand point up 👆, pointing down 👇, and winking face 😉are some of the most popular emojis used, they don’t necessarily encourage engagement.

For likes, comments, and shares, a study on Emoticons and Online Information Processing says emojis like 🙆🏽♀️, 🍒, and 🐠have the best results, while 🐙, 🐴, and 👖created the most click-throughs. Our theory? By staying away from common facial expressions and hand gestures, your ad is more likely to stop them in their tracks.

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If you’re looking to stand out from the competition on social, emojis are a simple way to show you understand your fans and consumers. Don’t be afraid to show some personality. It’s that panache that humanizes your business, which can lead to more likes, shares, and click-throughs. Researching what resonates with your audience can set you up for even more success and is an opportunity to connect with them on a deeper level.

Ashley Mason
Senior Communication Strategist

Ashley Mason is intrinsically curious and passionate about driving customer growth for her clients. By day, she develops digital content for healthcare, wine, and other premium brands. By night, she enjoys renovating her 1920s home and discovering new bottles of bubbly.

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