Sparkling Wine Pops Off: Projected 15% Volume Growth in the U.S. Market

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Bubbly’s not just for “special occasions” anymore—because simply enjoying life is the biggest sparkling occasion on everyone’s calendars these days. Did you know 44% of U.S. Gen Z Adults agree that finding ways to celebrate themselves is more important now than before the COVID-19 pandemic

Whether we’re on the couch binge-watching Succession, in those getting-ready-for-a-night-out showers, or reveling in the *slams laptop shut till Monday* feeling, sparkling wine is sending us that “wyd?” text. And we’re answering. 

The Rise of Sparkling Wine Is Shaking Up the Beverage Market

According to Mintel, wine as a general category is in a flat period of growth right now. And it’s projected to stay that way until we ring in 2025. Brands that are open to casualizing how (and where) their wine is consumed will start to bounce back to pre-pandemic year-over-year growth levels. 

But sparkling wine is already ahead of the (pre) game. Wine Intelligence data shows it’s the only wine segment that experienced a large growth in sales between 2016 and 2021 in the U.S., and it’s expected to continue taking over shelf space from other wine segments. Need a data top-off? According to IWSR, the market is projected to grow by more than 15% in volume terms by 2026—with the U.S. expected to account for nearly 15% of global sparkling wine sales by 2026.

What’s Driving Sparkling Wine’s Growth?

Something to sip on: sparkling wine attitudes are changing. As the effervescent drink departs from its previous association with formal events and special occasions, there are increasing opportunities to enjoy it in relaxed contexts and with greater frequency. 

IWSR says, “There is a sizeable shift in the number of drinkers that view sparkling wine as a ‘relaxing drink at the end of the day,’ and one that could be drunk ‘with an informal meal at home.’”

"Monthly Sparkling Wine drinkers have risen from 56% three years ago to 72% in 2022" beside wine flute representing 56% and wine glass representing 72% overtop orange swirl on purple background

Bubbly, but Make it Casual

Now that we know sparkling wine is being opened for all kinds of reasons, “micro-party” moments are on the rise. How do wine brands get the invite? Marketing bubbly in a way that embraces this consumer shift to casualization and the importance of having an all-around good time living life.

Rinna Wines is all about unfiltered, unapologetic fun. Throughout our work with the brand, we've discovered their target audience values treating themselves as an integral part of well-being. Sparkling wine appeals to this group who's looking to live in the moment and celebrate their achievements, whether it's landing a new job or simply making it through another week. From letting loose and getting in the pool, to truly not giving a sh*t and popping that bottle to relax—Rinna is a shining (dare we say sparkling) example of meeting your audience where they’re at. 

Monthly sparkling wine drinkers have risen from 56% three years ago to 72% in 2022. With almost a quarter of respondents now reporting drinking sparkling wine at least twice a week, wine brands should get those consumer insights flutes ready and pour the strategy—because this trend is becoming the standard.

Chat conversation: Becca Bellush says "when is island wine" Greg Caple replies "as soon as this call is over?" Leire Bascaran responds 40 minutes later "island time?" and Greg replies "the wine is getting warm" directly after. Text on pink background with orange swirl.

How Helen + Gertrude Sips on the Trend

As an office with a Google Chat called “Cork Dorks” dedicated to our love of wine, and a communal understanding that “Island wine today?” means closing our laptops at 4:00PM and heading to the kitchen to pour a glass … of course, we had to include our favorite sparklings:

Headshot of Claire O’Reilly

Claire O’Reilly, Copywriter
Fave Sparkling: LaMarca Prosecco
Fave Way to Sip: Weekend mimosas on my balcony in the summer.

Headshot of Jill Duff

Jill Duff, Creative Services Lead, Copy
Fave Sparkling: Dr. Konstantin Frank Brut Rosé
Fave Way to Sip: I usually save this one for New Years Eve gatherings.

Headshot of Ashley Mason

Ashley Mason, Senior Communications Strategist, WSET Certified
Fave Sparkling: Honestly, Freixenet is my go-to. It's so affordable.
Fave Way to Sip: At parties and at-home brunches with friends.

Headshot of Ashley Torres

Ashley Torres, Senior Copywriter
Fave Sparkling: Living Roots Finger Lakes Session Sparkling White
Fave Way to Sip: I personally love it by the pool but also enjoy it while watching my favorite shows (aka Selling Sunset).

Headshot of Abbey Greendyke

Abbey Greendyke, Media + Insights Lead
Fave Sparkling: I’m a big fan of Gruet Brut and Roederer Estate Brut Sparkling

Headshot of Becca Post

Becca Post, Founder + CEO
Fave Sparkling: Living Roots Rizz Fizz
Fave Way to Sip: It's a little different than your average sparkling, so I love to bring it as an unexpected treat for friends!

Work With Us

Marketing wine and spirits is one of our passions here at Helen + Gertrude. Our experience in the alcohol industry translates to an understanding of its unique market, regulations, and trends that influence how consumers buy products. We take a human-centered approach to our in-depth analysis to uncover key demographics, consumption patterns, and motivators for purchase. Let’s chat!

Claire O'Reilly

Responsible for writing all branded content, from daily social material to email campaigns to quippy taglines. She has a graduate degree from Nazareth University and previous experience in branding and marketing within the beverage industry. When she's not writing about wine + spirits, you can find her sipping her way through Rochester's local craft cocktail menus one drink at a time.

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